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6 Mistakes You’re Making When Brushing Your Teeth

Correct Teeth Cleaning

You might be brushing your teeth every day, but are you doing it the right way?

Because we learn to brush our teeth so early on, many of us don’t bother to check if our dental techniques are up to date and accurate. How you take care of your teeth at home will determine the health of your teeth for the rest of your life, so it is vitally important that you learn the right ways to take care of them and avoid making the following mistakes. Aside from your dental hygiene routine at home, you should visit us at Palm Beach Dental Studio at least once every six months for a check-up and clean.

1)      Not replacing your tooth brush

you should be replacing your toothbrush about every three months. This ensures that you are using fresh and clean bristles that are able to reach all of the important places in between your teeth. You should also replace your tooth brush after you get sick, this way you won’t be putting bad bacteria back into your mouth.

2)      Not brushing for long enough

You might be brushing every morning and night which is a great start, but you should be brushing your teeth for at least two minutes each and every time. Time yourself next time you’re brushing your teeth. You might be surprised to find how short your normal brushing time actually is. It can also be a good idea to invest in an electric toothbrush; some of them have set two minute timers so that you know you’re brushing for long enough.

3)      Forgetting to floss

when you don’t floss, you miss cleaning about 35% of your tooth surfaces. Flossing should be a part of your daily oral health routine, and should be performed at least once a day. You can floss either before or after you brush your teeth, though if you floss beforehand, the fluoride from your toothpaste has a better chance of reaching in between your teeth.

4)      Brushing back and forth

Many people use a ‘sawing’ back-and-forward motion when brushing their teeth, however experts suggest that the best way of maintaining the health of your teeth is to use a gentle circular motion. If you brush harshly back and forth, you can actually damage your gum tissue and remove the enamel from your teeth.

5)      Not brushing your tongue

Your tongue is one of the most important factors in your oral hygiene routine. Your tongue is home to a lot of bacteria which is the most common cause of bad breath. It’s worth investing in a tongue scraper or at least a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner on the back so that you can remove the bacteria and ensure fresh breath and a healthy mouth.

6)      Using whitening toothpaste

Though it isn’t bad for your teeth, it’s not going to give you whiter teeth either. You’ll experience the best results if you use a cavity fighting, fluoridated tooth paste and visit the dentist for a professional teeth whitening procedure. This way we can guarantee a fantastic result.

Did you find yourself doing any of the above? Don’t worry, it’s relatively common. If you apply these new rules to your day-to-day routine, you’ll give your natural teeth the best chance at a long and healthy life. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, Palm Beach Dental Studio can help you achieve your desired smile.

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Your Smile is the First Thing People Notice


According to a recent study conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology, 50% of the survey respondents said that the first feature they notice about another person is their smile.

Your smile is such an important part of your overall aesthetic, and if you have chipped, broken, discoloured or damaged teeth, this can affect your willingness to smile. Palm Beach Dental Studio have the skills and technology to restore your smile to its full potential.

The Benefits of Smiling

Smiling is fun! And actually offers more benefits than you may have realised. There are a myriad of different benefits you can achieve from smiling. Some of them include:

  • Boosts immune system – Smiling actually makes the body produce more white blood cells which help to fight off illness
  • Relieves stress – one study found that, when in a stressful situation, participants who smiled had lower heart rates than those with neutral expressions
  • Lowers Blood Pressure – when you smile, there a measurable reduction in your blood pressure
  • Releases endorphins – Smiling can actually release endorphins in your body, which will help you manage stress and anxiety levels
  • You’ll seem friendlier – One study found that people are much more likely to engage with other who are smiling.


Cosmetic and Restorative Procedures

If you are reluctant to smile because of the state of your teeth, that’s where Palm Beach Dental Studio come in. We have a range of restorative and cosmetic treatments that will help to improve the function and aesthetic of your teeth. If you are missing teeth, or suffer from broken, stained or chipped teeth, we offer:

  • Teeth Whitening – ZOOM! Whitening can help to lighten your teeth by up to 8-10 shades in just a simple one hour treatment
  • Veneers – a thin, porcelain layer is placed over the tooth to help correct colour, chips, misshapen teeth, cover blemishes and fill in gaps
  • Smile Makeovers – personally customised treatments for you and your smile that can involve a range of different procedures
  • Dental Implants – a permanent solution for missing teeth where a titanium screw is placed into the bone and anchors a natural looking tooth
  • Implant Supported Dentures – this involves an over denture that is attached to implants that are placed into your jawbone material. These are permanently fixed into the mouth and eliminate the need for slippery or movable dentures.
  • Crowns and Bridges – immediately enhance the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and enhance their structural support.

Smiling is one of the best ways to show off your personality and if you are always hiding your teeth because they need some work, don’t put it off any longer.

Palm Beach Dental Studio have a team of dental professionals who can help you to improve the look and feel of your teeth so that you can keep smiling all day long.

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Only around 35% of kids wear mouth guards

Save yourself potentially thousands of dollars in dental costs with custom-made sports mouth guards available from Palm Beach Dental on the Gold Coast.

It’s coming into mid-season for all our local sports teams and our team at Palm Beach Dental Studio have noticed a fair bit of wear to those mouth guards.

Palm Beach is commonly known as the starting ground for some of the highest ranking athletic organisations and athletes on the coast. Here at Palm Beach Dental Studio, we want to ensure our community is investing in quality, fitted mouth guards that offer the best protection for all of our up-and-coming generation’s oral health!

According to statistics posted in 2012, only around 35% of Australian children wear mouth guards during sporting events and only 19% wear them during training. A huge percentage of dental emergencies are a result of trauma to the teeth, with significantly higher statistics pointing to patients under the age of 25.

So how can we improve on those statistics?

Put your money where your mouth is!

Here at Palm Beach Dental Studio we offer a range of custom designed mouth guards to suit any patient. Save time and funds on excessive restorative treatments by investing in a fitted mouth guard. We understand that having a tooth chip, break or fall out is not an ideal outcome of any event so allow us to offer you an alternative with custom fitted mouth guards.

A common dental injury that can be avoidable with a mouth guard could include:

  • Split lips, cheeks, gums and tongue
  • Cuts to the face – as a result of other players not wearing mouth guards
  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Loss of teeth
  • Broken jaw

It isn’t only contact sport…

Around 44% of dental injuries are a result of accidents while cycling, scooter riding and skateboarding as the patients were generally in contact with harder surfaces like roads, cement and other hard surfaces.

Aside from just protection for your teeth, mouth guards have a bunch of other benefits:

  • As they reduce impact pressure a mouth guard can help protect the wearer from concussion and loss of brain cells
  • A mouth guard cushions the teeth against impact and soft tissue injuries
  • Improved balance
  • Assists in regular breathing and oxygen intake
  • Comfortably supports the jaw from excessive damage
  • Has the ability to improve performance
  • Rinse your mouth guard with soap in warm water after each use and allow to dry
  • Disinfect the mouth guard from time to time  with mouth wash
  • Make sure you store your mouth guard in a ventilated place to avoid bacteria
  • Make sure you replace your mouth guard if it shows signs of damage

One of our excellent dental professionals will give you a guideline on how to care for your mouth guard and it’ll likely follow these steps:

Ensure when you come in for check-ups, you bring your mouth guard with you! Particularly if you have been wearing it consistently for a period of time or haven’t worn it for a while. This way our dental professionals can ensure the mouth guard has enough strength and is free of bacterial infection.

So where can you go from here?

Wearing a custom designed and appropriate mouth guard for players of all ages involved in sports and activities can greatly reduce the chances of dental injuries.

Don’t let yourself or someone you love suffer from oral trauma on the field during games, training and other activities. Protect your family here at Palm Beach Dental, as prevention is the ultimate tool when it comes to your oral and overall health.



When should I first take my child to the dentist?

April 2014

For many parents, it can be confusing as to when it is the best time to first take their child to the dentist, and at Palm Beach Dental Studio we offer expert advice to parents to give their child’s smile the best start in life.

The relationship between dentistry and your child actually starts before they are born! During pregnancy a mother’s dental needs can change in response to hormonal changes within the body, and many mothers can become more susceptible to oral concerns such as periodontal disease. By working closely with your dentist during pregnancy, mothers can maintain their oral health as best they can whilst preparing for the arrival of their new child.

Should I take my baby to the dentist?

Whilst we typically recommend that children visit our Palm Beach practice by the time their teeth first erupt or by the age of two (whichever comes first), we find that many parents find it beneficial to bring their baby in as soon as possible to their own dental appointments to help their child get used to the sights and sounds of a dental practice.

How can I care for my baby’s smile if they don’t have any teeth yet?

Parents can support the healthy development of their baby’s smile even if none of their teeth have erupted yet by wiping their gums with a soft, clean, damp cloth.

Are baby teeth even that important?

Although baby teeth are eventually lost, they still play a vital role in the healthy development of your child’s smile and as such require meticulous care. When your child’s teeth emerge they perform the following functions:

• Assist your child in eating solid food
• Provide structural support to the face
• Assist your child’s speech and word formation
• Provide the correct structure for the adult teeth to erupt

Children’s dentistry at Palm Beach Dental Studio

Dr Hilary Knight and his team work to ensure your child’s first visit to our practice is exciting and fun – helping to ensure that the whole process is anxiety free. We love to educate your children on the benefits of good oral health and why it is important to brush every day! This is how we help your child establish healthy oral habits for life.

To find out more about our children’s dentistry services, or to arrange an appointment for your child, please contact us.

Spoil Yourself with a Complete Smile Makeover


Handling your daily tasks week-in and week-out can easily place an immense physical and mental strain on your body and mind.

In such situations, we often reach for our favourite activity to alleviate some stress; the ladies may splurge some cash on a new hair-do, and maybe the gentlemen will go golfing with some friends. Yes, so maybe she might leave the hair-dressers feeling pretty cheery for a couple of days and sure, he had a good time on the golf course at the weekend… but how about a more permanent solution? Wake up every day feeling refreshed and ready to go with Palm Beach Dental Studio’s Smile Makeover. A variety of different treatments are awaiting exploration with cosmetic dentistry treatment. Available treatments include (but are not limited to) White Fillings, Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns. Spend some time today to understand the long-term benefits Cosmetic Dentistry can have for you.

Keeping it clean with White Fillings

Feeling a little overdue for those fillings the dentist ordered? Or maybe you would just prefer a more aesthetically pleasing smile? At Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach we use composite resin, which is cured using a special light to create a multi-layer barrier in the form of tooth-coloured protection. After the filling has hardened, the tooth is polished and cleaned to match the surrounding natural teeth. As the filling takes on a natural look, it allows the patient to remain confident in their dental appearance. Not only do white fillings improve the overall appearance – particularly when compared to metal fillings, but because the resin bond strengthens the tooth, it is able to ensure a lesser chance of the tooth fracturing.

Update your look with Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Generally from time-to-time men and women may undergo a feeling of low self-esteem when experiencing high volumes of stress. Update your smile by adding some extra shine, refresh any tooth discolouration and/or alter the shape of your pearly whites with porcelain veneers. Although your porcelain veneers will end in all shines and sparkles, it is important to consider the procedure required to get you there. First off, after an evaluation with one of our dentists and some local anaesthetic, about half a millimetre of enamel will be carefully removed from the teeth.  Once a model of your teeth is sent to a laboratory and the porcelain veneers are returned to the practice, your new porcelain veneers will be crafted carefully to replace the missing enamel. Now that everything is in place, feel free to express the beautiful fresh smile in every aspect of your new day.

Where porcelain veneers create a fresh enamel replacement, porcelain crowns are a more dramatic procedure. Crowns are perfect for modernising your front teeth as they provide a natural matching tooth colour to blend with the surrounding regular teeth. Such cosmetic uses for crowns may be just to protect a weak tooth from decay, enforce a stronger hold for damaged teeth or even replace an entire missing tooth! At your initial consultation we will discuss with you every aspect of the procedure to ensure you are fully informed about your treatment options and are able to make the best choice for you. .

Make it a quick and easy drop-by with Teeth Whitening

Get a leg up in your professional industry with just a few whitening sittings alongside one of our trained dentists. Clinically proven to reverse the effects of staining from habitual smoking, drinking cola, red wine, tea or coffee, teeth whitening provides an inexpensive alternative to time consuming surgery. Hand in hand with discolouration, whitening has also been known to help reduce signs of aging which can be linked with darkened and yellow teeth.

Knowing if these treatments are perfect for YOU

Cosmetic dentistry is layered with exciting opportunities to help you feel refreshed and ready to go. But there are also other factors that may be required to take into consideration when understanding your smile makeover treatment plan.

Take some time out of your busy schedule to pop into Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach and discuss with our professionals the most effective way to improve your dental health while looking good and feeling great in the process.

Contact us today to organise your next appointment or to find out more about our cosmetic treatment options.

What is a dental emergency and what to do when it happens..

dental ermergencyHas your tooth been knocked out? Is your jaw in pain? At Palm Beach Dental Studio, we offer emergency dentistry to help you when it matters most….

Most people don’t know what to do in a dental emergency. Knowing what to do in such a situation can be the difference between saving your natural tooth from extraction or replacing it with a prosthetic tooth.

At Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach, we have highlighted some things that may help you in the unfortunate case of a dental emergency and what steps you can take prior to visiting us for immediate treatment.

Firstly, it important to realise that a dental emergency can be in the form of any of the following:


When you are suffering from a toothache, please follow these steps:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water to remove debris.
  • If your gums are swollen place a cold compress to the outside of the cheek (do not use heat).
  • Avoid aspirin as it thins the blood, instead take Nurofen or Panadol to relieve pain
  • Do not place aspirin on the gum or aching tooth. This causes soft tissue to burn.
  • Always seek dental treatment as soon as possible.

Knocked out tooth

  • Do not touch the bottom of the tooth where the nerves and pulp are exposed. Instead, handle the top of the crown.
  • Do not let the tooth dry out. Immediately replant the tooth in the socket and hold tooth in place.
  • If unable to replant the tooth, keep it moist by immersing it in milk (not water)
  • Seek immediate dental care – timing is critical and can be the difference between saving your natural tooth and replacing with a prosthetic tooth.

Soft tissue trauma and bleeding

Trauma and bleeding to the lip, cheek or gums caused by physical activity such as sports should be treated as follows:

  • Apply a clean bandage or folded handkerchief to the wound and apply firm pressure for at least 10 minutes. do not life down flat.
  • Keep an eye on your bleeding – if it continues please call 000 for medical assistance.
  • Swelling and pain can be relieved by applying a cold compress to the site.
  • If your mouth is not bleed heavily, rinse your mouth with warm salty water until the wound has healed to reduce the risk of infection.

Jaw pain

  • To alleviate jaw pain in the short term, you can apply a cold compress to the jaw or take anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the pain.
  •  It is important to visit us here at Palm Beach Dental Studio when you experience jaw pain as it can be related to a number of dental issues such as a misaligned jaw or  an infected tooth.

Don’t delay…

Just like any other emergency, it is vital for you to seek help as soon as possible with a dental emergency. At Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach we have made ourselves available to you when you need it most.

If you have suffered a dental emergency, do not hesitate to seek treatment. Contact us as soon as possible so we can address your concern. 



Why is it important to replace teeth and what are your dental options?

Jan 2014 missing tooth

Is your smile feeling weak, loose or damaged? If your smile is causing you pain or discomfort because of damaged or missing teeth? Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach, our caring and compassionate staff means your treatment is not only high quality, but you will be receiving an unsurpassed level of care.

At Palm Beach Dental Studio we work hard to restore the look, feel and function of your teeth and smile and offer a variety of different treatment options and procedures to help restore your healthy beautiful smile.

Let’s start with the basics: Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

Each tooth plays a highly important role in your oral health and appearance, and it is important to address cases of single tooth loss as soon as possible. Aesthetics aside, single tooth loss can have a dramatic influence on your oral and overall health as:

  • Teeth strengthen and protect the quality of the jawbone, and just a single tooth lost can cause deterioration of your jawbone material
  • A single lost tooth can cause your existing teeth to migrate from position- leading to aesthetic concerns and even a distorted bite
  • Single tooth loss can also put a strain on the surrounding jaw muscles and this can lead to uncomfortable headaches and migraines methods, or to arrange an appointment with Dr Mark Taylor, please contact us.

What are the most popular options to replace missing teeth?

Crowns are a great option to maintain the integrity and beauty of a damaged tooth. Crowns often referred to as dental ‘caps’ enable us to cover the visible area of your tooth completely.  By doing this we will not only help enhance the aesthetic appearance of the tooth, but we also provide structural support to a tooth that would otherwise be very weak or possibly need extraction. A crown can be used to:

  • Support a tooth that has an excessively large filling and has left it weak
  • Protect a tooth that has suffered extensive tooth decay
  • Cover discolouration or chips in a tooth
  • Support a tooth that has been fractured

Here at Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach we use porcelain as it is one of the most durable, stain-resistant and strongest materials available for use for dental restorations. This material also allows us to match them to the shade of your tooth and can last for up to a decade, making them a very popular cosmetic solution. As a result, our dental crowns are one of the best treatments for treating cracked, broken or severely decayed teeth that no longer have structural support.

Crowns provide aesthetic and structural support to a tooth that would otherwise be very weak or possibly need extraction

A crown can be used to:

  • Support a tooth that has an excessively large filling and has left it weak
  • Protect a tooth that has suffered extensive tooth decay
  • Cover discolouration or chips in a tooth
  • Support a tooth that has been fractured

Dental bridges are a great solution to tooth loss

Dental bridges are essentially three crowns that have been fused together. The teeth that are located on either side of the site of tooth loss are prepared for porcelain crowns, and the dental bridge is anchored to these teeth to literally ‘bridge the gap’. Dental bridges are a fantastic way to restore the aesthetics of your smile if you have experienced tooth loss.

To discover more about our dental implant options, or to book an appointment to discuss your dental concerns at Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach, please do not hesitate to call 07 5534 1011

Tooth tips: How to care for your children’s teeth

December teeth care for children

As the saying goes, lead by example…

This sentiment couldn’t be any more true when it comes to teaching your children good oral healthcare. Showing your children how to brush, floss and instilling the importance of regular dental visits will help ensure your child understands the significance of good oral hygiene.

At Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach, we are committed to ensuring our patients are informed about proper dental care. We believe that anyone at any age is ready to practice in some degree, a daily dental hygiene routine. For this reason, we would like to share some tips you can use to help your children protect their teeth and gums, and to help prevent the risk of getting cavities:

Useful steps to care for your children’s teeth

At Palm Beach Dental Studio we make your child’s visit to us fun and exciting, and we ensure they are involved throughout the whole process of their treatment or check-up.

When you’re at home, we recommend following a proper oral hygiene routine with your kids to help teach them about the importance of oral health. The ADA (Australian Dental Association) recommends brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to remove plaque, (the sticky film on teeth) which is often the main cause of tooth decay. Flossing daily will help to remove plaque from between their teeth and under the gum line, before it can harden into tartar. Once tartar has formed, it can only be removed by professional cleaning.

Eat a well-balanced diet that limits starchy or sugary foods which can produce plaque acids that cause tooth decay. When you do eat these foods, we recommend trying to eat them as a meal instead of as a snack, the extra saliva produced during a meal can help rinse food from the mouth.

Following some simple tips such as these can help your child avoid dental problems. As a result, your child may feel relaxed and, dare we say, excited when it’s time to visit us at Palm Beach Dental Studio!

Brushing Techniques to teach your child

At Palm Beach Dental Studio, we can help teach your children how to take care of their teeth properly. However, we also recommend supervising your children until they get the hang of the following steps:

  • Use a pea-sized dab of an ADA approved fluoride toothpaste. Take care that your child does not swallow the toothpaste.
  • Brush gently back and forth, using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Brush the inside surface of each tooth first, where plaque may accumulate most. We recommend that everyone spend approximately 2-3 minutes brushing twice daily. A fun way to keep track of time with your child is to play their favourite song during brushing.
  • Clean the outer surfaces of each tooth. Angle the brush along the outer gum line and gently brush back and forth.
  • Brush the surface of each tooth, especially the front and back chewing teeth.
  • Start flossing your child’s teeth at the age of 4. Why so young? Starting early helps your children get in the hang of flossing. Brushing alone will miss food particles and plaque that has built up between the teeth. If you start early once your child reaches the age of 8 or so, they will more likely feel comfortable flossing on their own.
  • Don’t forget to brush the tongue, which can also accumulate bacteria.

Finally, and most importantly, visit the dentist regularly. Your child should have their first dental visit at about the age of two, and follow up with regular dental check ups to help prevent dental problems. At Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach, we will not only check for signs of cavities or gum disease at each appointment, we will also help keep your teeth extra clean and can help you and your family maintain your healthy smile.

To discover more about children’s dentistry or to book an appointment for your child to see one of our fun and friendly dentists at our Palm Beach dental practice, please do not hesitate to call 07 5534 1011 or contact us online.

Top Five Offenders of Staining Teeth and How to Regain Your Bright Smile

Top Five Offenders of Staining Teeth and How to Regain Your Bright Smile

Do you look at your teeth in the mirror and feel like Halloween has been extended into November? You might take excellent care of your teeth but still find your teeth yellow as the full moon…

Would you like to know the reason why your teeth are discoloured? There are five key offenders for tooth discolouration that live in your kitchen, in your handbag and in your supermarket trolley. They hide inconspicuously in plain sight and at Palm Beach Dental Studio on the Gold Coast we are calling out these offenders so you too can know the source of your discolouration. Through minimising and thoroughly cleaning after using these five offenders you can find a significant improvement in the colour of your teeth.

Step right up offender number one: Coffee…

Who cannot go five minutes in the morning without a steaming cup of black coffee? Flat white? Latte? Mocha? No matter how you take it, your favourite morning energiser is doing damage to your wonderful smile. Coffee is a number one offender for discolouring teeth because the dark pigments that give coffee its delicious appearance get caught between the microscopic pits on your enamel. The enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth and incurs the most staining.

Where do you think you are going Tea?

Number two on our list is tea. It might appear weaker than coffee but tea no matter the type can stain your teeth just the same. Black, herbal and in between can cause your teeth to become discoloured over time if you do not clean your teeth after drinking. Some might deem it impractical to brush your teeth after enjoying a lovely cup of tea but the more you leave it the more likely the pigments will solidify in your enamel pits and stay there.

Think again before you pick up the Soda…

Soda is one of the worst offenders (much more so than coffee and tea in our opinion) because Soda contains sugar. Sugar mixes in with your saliva and turns into a bacteria infested slime that loves eating tooth enamel. If you allow this sugary goodness to stay on your teeth for even an hour without brushing it can begin to eat your enamel.

Teeth stains and red wine…

Want to wind down with a glass of your favourite red wine? Think again, you might think that you are doing yourself good after a hard day’s work but the red pigment in wine can have the same effect on your teeth as coffee and tea.

The obvious offender: Tobacco…

Tobacco is something that is quite controversial and it is at complete respect of the individual who wishes to partake in this activity but smoking/chewing tobacco is a terrible staining substance. Like coffee, the pigment in the tobacco can stain the microscopic pits in your enamel and give them a brown/yellowed appearance.

At Palm Beach Dental Studio we recommend consumption in moderation, regular oral hygiene and a teeth whitening treatment…

Everyone enjoys one or more of these offending substances on a daily basis and that is perfectly ok because at Palm Beach Dental Studio we enjoy them too, but everything must come in moderation and accompanied by regular oral hygiene to avoid teeth staining. If you already have stains that you find are too difficult to remove why not take advantage of our ZOOM!Teeth Whitening treatment that we offer at our Gold Coast clinic in broadbeach.

3 Easy Tips To Help Your Kids Get Over Their Fear Of The Dentist


For too long have children feared the dentist…

They’ll spend hours a day with the rest of the nippers in some of the biggest surf conditions but when it comes to their dental check-ups suddenly it’s the scariest thing in the world.

At Palm Beach Dental Studio in Palm Beach we understand a trip to the dentist can be a daunting  experience. Lying in a room in an unfamiliar chair surrounded by unfamiliar noises and objects, while a stranger is poking unusual instruments in your mouth is a lot to take in at a young age. That’s why we promote parents to encourage a positive outlook on their child’s trip to the dentist.

Tip #1 Get in while their young

Familiarising your little ones with the dentist at a young age will help make them feel more comfortable in the dental office. It is also important for their oral health to visit the dentist early. The importance of a child’s primary teeth is just as essential as their adult teeth and is actually quite significant for their future development! When your child’s teeth develop, they are not only helping them eat and provide structural support to the face, they also help your child through the beginning stages of speaking and forming words, as well as providing the correct foundation for their adult teeth to come in.

Tip #2 Stay positive

Here at Palm Beach Dental Studio we encourage our young patients to have fun on their trip to the dentist, we like to keep them involved in the process and educate them about oral hygiene during their visit. By making the trip exciting and avoiding negative vocabulary like pain and hurt you child will feel more at ease about the visit. Children take consideration of their parents so if you are excited to visit the dentist, your child is more likely to be excited as well. Maybe make their next trip feel like an exciting excursion for you and your child to go on together. Once you get the little ones here we will take care of the rest. We aim to make your child’s visit entertaining and fun and ensure they are involved in the process of their treatment or check-up.

Tip #3 Educate your children about good oral hygiene

Let your children know about the importance of visiting the dentist, emphasize the significance of cleaning their teeth. At Palm Beach Dental Studio we will make a point of educating your children on the benefits of good oral health and why it is important to brush every day. That’s why having support from you is always a good way to get the message across with the little guys.

Rewarding your child for going to the dentist is not great way to help them with their fear or apprehension towards the dental office. Promising they can get a reward at the end of their visit only makes them question why they would need to be rewarded.

Good oral hygiene shouldn’t be scary

Dental anxiety and phobias are common and could be avoided if more people were educated about the importance and necessity of dental health. By installing the right idea about the dentist with our children we can change this fear shared by many Australians. Out of 7312 Australian residents polled, 16.1% feared going to the dentist, our goal is to decrease this fear and to educate parents and their children about the importance of your dental trips and the reality that healthy oral hygiene is not that scary but a necessity.

At Palm Beach Dental Studio we can make your child’s first trip fun and exciting, we don’t expect that every child’s experience will be a no fuss trip, but by introducing them to the dentist early, staying positive and by educating your children, we can work together to create a comfortable atmosphere that your kids can look forward to visiting.

For further information about children’s dentistry, or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to call 07 5534 1011 or contact us online.

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