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Children’s Dentistry

Maintaining oral health from an early age gives your child the best start in life…

A child’s primary (also known as ‘milk’) teeth play an important role in the development of their jaw. By bringing your child to our Palm Beach dental practice when their first tooth erupts or by age one, you are setting your child up for a healthy oral future.

Many children can easily form dental fears and phobias, and this is why it is so important your child visits our friendly dental practice at an early age to help us establish positive experiences with your child and ensure they form healthy oral habits later in life.

Your child’s teeth are imperative to their development…

It is a common misconception that a child’s primary teeth are not as important as their adult teeth, but they are actually quite significant for their development! While your child’s teeth emerge, they are not only helping them eat solid food and provide structural support to the face, they are also helping your child speak and form words, as well as provide the correct formation for their adult teeth to erupt.

Ensure your child’s health by bringing them to Palm Beach Dental…

We make your child’s visit to us exciting and fun, and keep them involved throughout the whole process of their treatment or check-up. We love kids and aim to educate your children on the benefits of good oral health and why it is important to brush every day!

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