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Only 19% of children wear mouthguards while training for contact sport…

Mouthguards are incredibly important for maintaining the structural integrity of your smile while playing sports or during other physical activities. Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard, like the ones we can create for you at Palm Beach Dental Studio, is the easiest means to protect yourself from devastating oral trauma and expensive medical bills.

How a mouthguard protects you or your child…

Our custom-designed mouthguards are created from moulds of your smile, so it perfectly fits over your teeth for ultimate protection against damage. By using a mouthguard you are helping to:

  • Cushion your smile against impact or trauma
  • Protect teeth from jaw joint injuries
  • Protect your soft tissues from injury
  • Maintain optimal jaw positioning to prevent neck and jaw injuries
  • Help to reduce the risk of concussion

At Palm Beach Dental Studio we are committed to providing the best in preventive care…

Ensure you and your family are protected against mouth and jaw trauma by using mouthguards during sport or other physical activities that run the risk of damaging your smile.

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