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Night Guards

Do you wake with sore jaws or sensitive teeth? You may be suffering from Bruxism…

Bruxism is a chronic form of tooth clenching or grinding, and if you suffer from this while you sleep, your oral health can greatly suffer. Bruxism can be devastating to the function and health of your teeth, as chronic tooth grinding slowly erodes the tooth enamel which can cause malocclusion (uneven bite), uncomfortable jaw pain, headaches and also ear pain.

Prevent tooth grinding and clenching while you sleep with our night guards…

Similar to a mouthguard, our night guards are made specifically to your smile, and are designed to be worn while you sleep. By wearing a night guard, you are preventing any grinding motion of the jaw, and any clenching is cushioned by the night guard material.

Stop waking with those headaches and saw jaws, and take control with our custom-made night guards at Palm Beach Dental Studio.

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